April 18, 1906.

MAILED APR 20 1900

Dear Sir:
I have the honor to acknowledge the reciept of your letter of 23d ultimo, inclosing correspondence in relationto an inquiry from Mr. Dan. J. Maher, Clerk of the Port of Portland Commission, Portland, Oregon, relative to the status of certain land known as the Light House Reservation at Yaquina Bay, Oregon.
Replying thereto I beg to inform you that this reservation, comprising about thirty-six acres, was, by authority of the Secretary of the Treasury dates October 24, 1888, transferred by the Light House Board to the engineer officer in charge of the improvement of Yaquina Bay for temporary use of the War Department, with the understanding that when no longer used by the said Department, or whenever required by the Board, the reservation and buildings should revert to the care of hte Light House Establishment.
As it appears from a report of the local engineer officer, Major Roessler, that the improvement of Yaquina Bay has been discontinued, the Department of Commerce and Labor has been informed that as the War Department has no present

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