Order of class of lantern. First order

Diameter Eleven feet six inches

Number of sides in plan Sixteen

Height glazed. Nine feet seven and one half inches 9’ 7 1/2”

Number of plates in height. Three

Number of plates in each side. Three

Thickness of plates. Five sixteenth of an inch (5/16”)

Size of the different plates.
Bottom (30”/8”, 2’ 6 7/8” 31”
Middle( 39 3/16”, 3’ 3/16” 39”
Top (44 3/16”, 3’ 8 3/4”, 44’ ½”
All (25 3/16”, 2’ 4 3/16” wide, 27 7/8

Number of storm panes of glass. Three

Unglazed side of lantern is constructed. Iron

Lightning conductor, of what material; how attached to spindle; how led, and how far below the surface of dry earth, or otherwise, as the case may be.

Lightning conductor of iron, attached to spindle by a loop in the end of the rod. It is led down the side of the tower and two feet below the surface of the ground, thence away from the tower twenty feet horizontally, then down five feet to moist

Balustrade and outside gallery.
The outside gallery is of cast iron. Balustrade consists of wrought iron posts, rails and balustrade.

Lantern doors and how fitted. There are no doors in the lantern.

Floor of lantern—of what materials. Iron

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