How machinery is protected.

How regulated; describe.

How the flashes are produced: By the whole apparatus revolving; by the central belts only revolving; by vertical elements-panels off vertical revolving outside of fixed lens, and, if so, the number of such panels, or how?

If Colored Light.
How is the color produced? Describe.
Lamps and Burners.
Description of lamp in use and number of wicks to burner. Funck’s hydraulic float lamp, - 4 wicks
Number of spare lamps at the station. One
Number of spare-lamp burners at the station. Three
Tools, Implements, And Accessories.
Lantern curtains. Two sets
Lens covers. Two sets
Damper tube and key. Two
Spare damper and key. One
Carillon, or alarm bell, for overflow lamp. None

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