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Cape Disappointment Light Station, W.T.
1. Lens made Louis Soulter & Co. Paris, 1854. “by order of Secretary of Treasury and the Light-House Board, W.A. Bartlett, Lieut, U.S.N., Special ??? .”
First order catadioptric Fresnal lens. Fixed white. Range, E.N.E. by E’d. S’d & W’d to N.W. by W. ½ W.
8 panels in lens apparatus.
12 prisms above dioptric drum.
6 “ below “ “

2. Funk’s hydraulic float lamp, 4 wick.
Height from base to top of burner 35.11 inches.
3. Distance between centers of the three pillars on which the lamp rests, 15.56 inches.
4. Height from focal plane of lens to top of ring at upper part of lens, 62.46 inches.
5. Diameter of this ring; inside, 23.5 inches, outside, 26.58 inches.

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