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Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses at Mar 13, 2017 05:54 PM


Office of Light-House Engineer,
Portland, Oregon, July 7th, 1883

To the Chairman
Of the Light-House Board,
Washington, D.C.


I have the honor to request authority to continue detailed topographical surveys of light stations similar to those authorized by the Board’s telegram of May 23rd, 1883. Of the $500.00 then allotted, from appropriation for “Repairs & C of Light-House, 1883”, but $276.86 were used, owing to the short time before close of fiscal year.
Such surveys are needed of seven stations, and estimates for them were included in the statement of expenditures from appin for “Repairs & C of Light-House, 1884,” forwarded on the 3d inst., as follows:---