Office of the Light House Engineer
Thirteenth District,
Portland, Oregon, August 24., 1871
Description of Light House now constructing at Yaquina Bay, Oregon.

The magnetic bearings and the approximate on time distances from the tower to the most prominent objects in the vicinity likely to catch the eye or to attract the attention of the mariner.

Cape Perpetua distant 26 miles. South 20: East compass - Celilih? Head. distant .8. miles. South 17 1/2 [degrees] East Compass.

Height at the site of the tower above mean sea level.

120 feet -
- - - - - - per U. S.
Coast Survey.

Height of the focal plane above the base of the tower.

40 feet.

Height of the focal plane above mean sea level.

160 feet.

Color and description of the tower, lantern, and keepers dwelling or dwellings.

Low, square wooden tower rising from Keepers dwelling painted white. Dome of lantern and gallery balusters, red.


Notes and Questions

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Could what looks like "Celilih" Head actually refer to Collins Head? An old map in the 1881 Encyclopedia Brittania shows a town of that name at about the right bearing and distance from the lighthouse.