Pioneer Iron Works
San Francisco, Cal
October 12, 1871

Major H.M. Robert
Light House Engineer
Portland Oregon


Your favor of the 3rd inst. to hand. Also specifications and plans which are returned herewith -

There are various reasons why we cannot do the metal work for Foulweather L.H. at a less rate than Piegeon Point. Since we contracted for Piegon Point L.H. Wrought iron has advanced 25 per cent and cast iron about the same and owing to the scarcity there is no certainty that it will remain at its present figures.

The 1/8 sheet iron required for casing could be had two months ago for 5 1/4 (cents) per pound. It can now be had for 8 1/2 (cents) as it has to come by rail.


Notes and Questions

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Suggest "... favor of 3rd inst to hand."
"Since we contracted for Piegeon Point" is duplicated erroneously.
Last paragraph - I believe the symbol after "5 1/4" and "8 1/2" is the symbol for cents.