that could be purchased with advantage as that point. (text obliterated) be bought elsewhere. There is ample work needed in This District (missing text) employ a Tender during the whole season of navigation, and The ??? of the country Traversed by the North Pacific Rail Road require that the improvements to the navigation of the North Pacific and Puget Sound should not be hindered by the lack of such an important aid. An appropriation is recommended for a Steam Tender, thoroughly fitted for handling and carrying freight.
(entire section above crossed out)

The following are the names of light stations in this district not mentioned ???. -

420 (405 - crossed out) Cape Blanco. - Sea Coast of Oregon. -
421 (406 - crossed out) Cape Arago '' '' '' ''
424 (410 - crossed out) Shoulwater Bay. Territory of Washington
428 (414 - crossed out) Smith's (or Blunt's) Island Washington Sound

Fog Signals operated by steam or hot air -
Cape Flattery. - a (ten - crossed out) 12 inch steam fog whistle.

Day or unlighted Beacons
There are none in the District

There is no depot in this district

(Very respectfully
Your obedient servant
Henry M. Robert
Maj. of Eng'rs and L.H. Eng'r
Thirteenth District - all crossed out)


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