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Saturday, February 16, 1918

Saturday, February 16, 1918

A clear morning then clouded up and hailed before twelve oclock. Ben and Owen got up their plant beds and sowed them. Josie baked a cake and got dinner.

I washed a few garments. Lizzie Bennett come to night. I am glad that she came. She went to see Charles this evenin.

I am always glad to see any of them.

Reese and Paul Smith and Roy Smith come a little while this evenin. Reese and Henry caught the little calf but could not manage him.

11 30 oclock

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Saturday, March 16, 1918

Saturday, March 16, 1918

A cool cloudy day.

Ben carried me to Renan this morning. I staid with Charles nearly all day. He is very bad off yet. Mag had quite crow[d] to day for dinner Miss Alice Wooding Mrs Duckey Kellie Mrs Sallie Strance.

A mink caugh one of my hens that was setting.

Josie killed a chicken and baked a cake.

Miss Mayhan and Virginia come here a while.

9 oclock

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Saturday, April  6, 1918

Saturday, April 6, 1918

A clear cool day.

Ben and Owen plowed some. Josie baked a cake this morning.

Marvin Smith carried Reese and Henry and I to White Falls fishing. We did not catch anything.

Carrie and Marvin went to the Dr with Hazel this evening. He thinks that she has scarlet fever in a milde form. I hope she may soon be well.

9 oclock

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Thursday, May 16, 1918

Thursday, May 16, 1918

A good day. We Mollie and I are at Willies.

Went down town early and Mollie bought some things then we started for the boat. Went on street car a mile or so then on the boat. Eat supper and had a berth. We had fish and steak cauiflowers and lettuce salid ice cream and cake and coffee for supper. Was all night and until seven next morning getting to Portsmouth.

This wrote the 17th. I could not find a pen or pencil last night.

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Friday, June  7, 1918

Friday, June 7, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Paul worked tobacco all day. I washed a little this morning. Josie churned and got dinner. Baked a cake. This evening she washed the dining room floor.

George Worsham come here this evening assessing property. I planted sunflower seed this evening.

Tonight Ben has gone to Marvins to try and mend the freezer. Hope he can get it mended.

10 oclock

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