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Monday, March  4, 1918

Monday, March 4, 1918

A good day. Raining tonight.

Ben went and helped to cut Charles feed this evening. Owen plowed. I got out the beans that the Blair girls gathered last fall they are very nice.

Edna spent the evening at Aunt Carries. Henry went to school. Both the children have bad colds.

All gone to bed but me. I soon will be if nothing happens.

8 40 oclock

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Thursday, February 13, 1919

Thursday, February 13, 1919

A rainy day. Ben commenced to cut feed but it rained so that he had to quit.

Josie got dinner. I sewed some, finished two garments. Nearly all has colds. Edna has such a cough that I dont think she will sleep much to night. Jim & Ben and Josie are playing cards to night for pastime. It is raining hard now.

8 30 o clock

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Friday, February 14, 1919

Friday, February 14, 1919

A clear windy day. The men folks worked on tobacco all day. I did not helpe them.

Josie sewed some working on her dress. I got dinner.

Josie & Edna and Franklin are all complaining , all got colds. Henry went to school.

Have not heard from Marvins today.

9 30 oclock

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Sunday, February 16, 1919

Sunday, February 16, 1919

A clear day and the wind did blow. Most every one is feeling bad. Jim & Ben staid at home all day and rambled a round the fields. I got the dinner except making the bread. We had chicken and cream pie.

I went to Marvins a while this evening. They have nearly all got bad colds.

There was a crowd of boys here this evening, the Owens & Dews Mayhew & Edmons

8 oclock

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Saturday, March 15, 1919

Saturday, March 15, 1919

Cloudy all day & rain tonight. The men folks shucked some corn this morning & hauled up the stalks this evening.

Ben & Jim went to the Island. Jim went on to Chatham. Ben went to meet Josie. He phoned home that she had not come to Cedar Forest. He is down there somewhere now. Henry went to Marvins this evening. He come home & got in the wood for to night.

We fed the horses & cows & pigs and calves & chickens & dogs. Edna & Franklin has bad colds tonight and I am very sorry a bout it. Denia come to see me this evening. I was glad that she come but was sorry to see [her]go home in the rain.

I am so afraid that something bad has happened to Mrs Car or Josie or both.

9 oclock

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