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Friday, October 11, 1918

Friday, October 11, 1918

A good day. The men folks plowed this morning. This evening Mr Owen raked pea vines. Ben went to Mr Bailiss. Josie and I stripped a little tobacco. We got our dinner this morning before we went to the barn cooked snaps and baked bread.

Come home at twelve and made coffee.

In the evening the tobacco dried out so we could not tie it. I picked up some apples and gathered some snaps. We went to Carries and strung our snaps. Come home. Josie got supper. I fed the chickens. Henry and I fed the hogs. We had to shuck the corn then I churned.

Ben has just got back from Bailiss and eat his supper.

9 30 oclock

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Sunday April 24, 1921

Sunday April 24, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben and family except Henry went to Mr Jim Powers and Rob Hubbards. Ben & Mr Mayhew & Richard Wooding went to Hubbards. Went to the fish trap but did not get any fish. They got home at dark.

I staid at home most of the day. I went to Marvins. They went to Kate Harveys. I went with them. Kate had company. Dr Wigginton and Pearl, Effie and Hellen Brumfield, Miss Virginia Moses, two of the Farmer children.

I come home and fed the chickens. Brought water and made coffee & baked bread.

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Tuesday, January 23, 1923

Tuesday, January 23, 1923

A colde cloudy day. The boys got wood today. Nellie got dinner, fried potatoes and baked bread. Made ginger cakes I enjoyed with the dinner. This evening Nellie staid with Mabel. I went to Reynols. Walked up there and back. Johnson had gone to Danville. Mrs. Cook was there. I did enjoy my vist. While I was there, Mrs. Carr come home from Lynchburg. I was glad that she made the trip. So good we are glad for her to stay with us what she will. Mollie walked with me as far as Bookers Barn. Mrs. Carr brought the children some presents. (?)

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