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Tuesday, November  4, 1919

Tuesday, November 4, 1919

A good day. Did not see Alma today. Effie had company to day, a Mrs Lavender. She had a nice dinner. Served it in three courses. William had a head ache last night and was sick this morning. Could not go to school. He was better this evening. William, Cordie, and I went to Windensburg [?] Pond. We saw the prettiest flowers over there. Great beds of cannas in bloom. We walked over there and come back on the street car.

Will & Jack Harvey are talking a bout their dr books. It is dry stuff to me.

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Wednesday September 14, 1921

Wednesday September 14, 1921

A good day. Jim worked on the land that they want to sow in grain. Ben hauled some wood this morning.

This evening Ben & Josie and Mabel went to Gretna. They got books for the children and cloth to make them clothes. Josie ironed all the morning. I have bin at home all day today. This evening Carrie and the little girls come down here and staid a little while. I was glad that they come. We need rain a gain very bad.

Ben & Marvin has gone huntting.

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Wednesday, February 21, 1923

Wednesday, February 21, 1923

A good day. Jim and John cut today. Ben went to Chatham with Odie Kellie. They carried the poll books. Clement was elected. Nellie got dinner. Fried pies and baked tea cakes. She made a scarf for her mother. She got a letter from Evylin. I got a letter from Carrie Smith. Her baby is sick. I went to Johnson Reynols. They were well as usual. Julia Ferguson had gone to see her Aunt Kate. Jim Farthing bought him a car today. Reubin Reynols brought me home in their big car. I sewed a little today. Made Franklin a union suit.

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