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Y.H. 4.

Department of Commerce and Labor Light-House Establishment Office of Engineer, 13th District Portland, Oreg. Feb. 24, 1910.

Yaquina Head, Ore. Installing oil vapor light.

2 Inclosure. Received

The Light-House Board, Washington, D.C.


1. I have the honor to report that it is desireable to install a vapor lamp at Yaquina Head Light-Station, Oregon. The estimated cost of this work is $340.00, per detailed estimate herewith, and, if approved, the cost will be paid from funds now on hand, belonging to the appropriation, Repairs & Incidental Expenses of Light-Houses, 1910.

2. The work will be done by hired labor and the necessary materials purchased under existing regulations.

3. A requisition for the outfit to be supplied from the General Depot is forwarded today, for use in the event of the Board's approving the installation.

Very respectfully,

J. F. McInddoe

Major, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A. Engineer 13th Light-House District.

Mch. 7th 10, wrote 13 Engr.

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1053 TREASURY DEPARTMENT, LIGHT-HOUSE BOARD, Form No. 220.- Ed. 1 25 1901 5,000


1901 31 May 23 May. John Anderson req. permission to land on reservation. Ack'd JUN 3 1901 4 June Wrote 13 D.O. for joint report as to John Anderson's request. 17 June 11 June 13 D.O. in joint report record Mr. Anderson request be not granted. Ack'd Jun 18 1901 21 June. Board wrote 13 D.O. declining to grant request of Mr. Anderson. 21 June Wrote Mr. Anderson, that Bd found itself unable to grant permission for him to land with fish boat at Yaquina Head l.h. reservation. 12 Dec. 11 Dec. Senate Com. on Commerce refers S. 937 for construction of quarters 12 Dec. Wrote Com. on Commerce. rel to the above.

1902 12 Apl. Wrote Chrman of Com on Apprns, Rel to his oral inquiry relative to dwellings required for this and other stations. See file 12 for press copy. 15 Sept. 9 Sept 13 Engr. Req. ??? for repairs at 16 Sept. Bd. autho. repairs at

1903 13 April. Apr 10 Hon J.H. Mitchell U.S.S. refers letter from S.G. Irvin rel to dwelling for Light Keeper at Foulweather L. S/ Oregon Ack'd 13 Apr 1903 14 Apr. Wrote Sen. J.H. Mitchell that no appro. for Kpr's dwelling - + ??? from letter 15 Aug. Wrote 13 Inspr rel to quarters for Kprs and Assts. at See Sheet 2.

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1053 Sheet 2 YAQUINA HEAD L.S., Oregon. Continued 8 Sep. 2 Sep. 13 ??? writes rel. to ??? of Keepers at ----- 9 Sep. 31 Aug. Mr. Edwin Stone writes rel to lease of land at ------- for hotel purposes. 9 Sept. Wrote 13 D. O. and refd letter of Mr. Stone rel to lease of land, for joint report. 29 Sept 24 Sept 13 D.O. send jt pert rel to leasing old light house reservation 2 Oct. Wrote 13th D.O. rel to leasing Yaquina Bay L.H. Res. 1904________________________ 3 Aug 29 July. 13 Inspr. sends resignation of E. Rice & c Aug. 9. ??? & ??? ??? 12 Aug. 9 Aug. Dept accepts resignation of - Edward Rice. 15 Aug. Wrote 13 Inspr. that Dept. has accepted resignation of --Edward Rice, take effect 30 June 17 Aug. 9 Aug. 13 Inspr trans complaint of F. M. Plummer, kpr at rel to appt of a 2nd asst keeper. 30 Aug Wrote 13 Inspr. requesting to nominate suitable person for 2nd Asst. Kpr at-as it h as decided to allow 2 n A.K. 12 Sept. 6 Sept. 13 Inspr. sends letter recommending Mr. Michael Ludescher for appointment as Second Assistant Keeper at Yaquina Head Light Station, Oregon. 16 Sept. Wrote 13th Inspr askg further rec for proba appt to position od 2nd Asst. Keeper at Yaquina Head, Oreg., Lht. Station 30 Sept 24 Sept. 13 Inspr. writes rel to appt of MichaleLudescher as 2nd asst kpt at 1 Oct. Wrote Dept askg proba appt of Michael Ludescher as 2nd Asst. Keeper of Yaquina Head, Oreg., Light-Station. 17 Oct. 4 Oct. ept. makes proba appt of Michael Ludescher. 18 Oct. Sent 13 Inspr, prob. appt. Michael Ludescher, Informed 13 Engr 31 Oct 26 Oct. 13 Inspr. req temp appt of M. Ludescher from 13 Sept 1 Nov. Wrote Dept askg temp appt of Michael Ludescher, 2nd Asst.

??? Sheet 3

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