Thursday December 22, 1921




A colde day partly cloudy.
Hailing and snowing tonight.
Jim shucked some corn and
toated stalks for the cows. Ben
sawed wood at Kate Harveys.
Brought the engine & saw home
tonight. Ben went to Strait Stone
tonight. He went for medicine
for Mabel. She has a colde
and is very hoarse. We are a
fraid she will have the croup.
Josie ironed today and worked on
her cakes some. I got dinner.
Denia Blair come a little while.
I was glad that she come. Two
of the Doss girls come a few
minutes. They borrowed a last.
Said they wanted to mend shoes.
I am sorry that it is weathering.
Did hope it would stay good
until Jim could get home.
We sent Kates turkey to her this morning.

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