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Tuesday, January 22, 1918

Tuesday, January 22, 1918

Snowed a gain to day. It snowed until a bout twelve oclock. It is clear to night. Ben has bin at home alday. He worked on a ground slide some. Marvin did not go to Gretna today. He came down and made pathes for us. Josie got dinner and brought water to night and fed the calves.

Ben milked for me this morning. Ben made the fire in the stove this morning the first time this year.

I got breakfast and washed dishes at breakfast and dinner. Certainly have enjoyed sitting by the fire the most of the time this winter. I have made a pair of gloves two night caps and pieced the top of a pillow to day.

10 oclock

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Thursday January 27, 1921

Thursday January 27, 1921

Snowed a gain last night. This morning was very colde. Ben milked the cows for me and fed the calf. Jim and Ben stripped tobacco. Henry did not go to school. He made pathes a round to several places. I fed the chickens and brought some water. I have 18 little chickens for the hawk I am a fraid. We cooked dinner in the dining room by the fire place. Wood is scarce for the range.

The little baby has bin very cross. She has a colde. I hope she wont get sick and they can all keep well. I beg for strength and patience to stand what I have to.

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