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Monday, January  7, 1918

Monday, January 7, 1918

A cloudy day and some warmer. To night the wind is blowing. Ben went to Strait Stone. Marvin went to see Charles. He is some better off a gain. Josie has bin sick all day. I got dinner to day and sewed a little. Miss Smith sent the drugget home to day by Irvin Harvey and Robert Reynolds. I got a letter from Lottie Craddock to day.

7 30 oclock

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Sunday, January 13, 1918

Sunday, January 13, 1918

A clear colde very colde [day]. We have all staid at home. Ben milke for me to day. I fed the chickens and got dinner.

I have wrote two letters to night one to Effie Brumfield one to Lottie Craddock.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, January 16, 1918

Wednesday, January 16, 1918

Warmer and cloudy.

Ben cut tier poles for a barn this morning. This evening he went to Renan.

Josie got dinner. Josie and Edna went to Marvins this evening. I staid with the baby and Henry. I finished making me a dress the first one that I have made in several years. Heard this evening that Ernest and Lottie Craddock was at George Blairs last night. Franklin is bad off with cold yet. Hope he will soon be well a gain.

9 40 oclock

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Tuesday, January 29, 1918

Tuesday, January 29, 1918

A bad day. Snow melting walkin very bad.

Ben went to see Dr Owen this morning. Got medicine for Henry he is mighty sick yet.

I got dinner to day. I finished a helmet for Bruce Reynolds to day.

I got two letters to day one from Julia Fergerson and one from Lottie Craddock.

Ben went this evening to Ren Worshams and paid for the guano to use this year. Ben is sleeping in my room to night. Edna is with him. Henry is with his mother.

8 30 oclock

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Sunday, February 24, 1918

Sunday, February 24, 1918

A good day. Ben and Josie and the children went to Mrs Carrs the first time this year. They went on the car.

I went to George Blairs. I walked. Denia brought me home on the buggy. Earnest and Lottie Craddock was there. Willie Moon and George Edwards was there on a car.

9 oclock

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