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Sunday, June  6, 1920

Sunday, June 6, 1920

A beautiful day. Cool for June. We all was at home for dinner. We had peas and chicken and chocolate pies. All of us went to Marvins this evening. We went to see the new road. Richard Wooding & family passed on his car. He ask some of us to ride. Josie and the baby and Franklin rode home. I was so glad that she could ride as she had to carrie the baby. 9 15 oclock

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Wednesday, October 13, 1920

Wednesday, October 13, 1920

13th A good day. Jim & Ben plowed all day. To night Ben carried Richard Wooding and Miss Smith home. Mrs Owen brought them here. I got dinner. Betty Haley washed here to day. I put the beans in sackes to day. Mabel fell of the step and hurt her self. I went to Marvins. Carrie is so hurt that she let Roy go to school.

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