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Sunday, August  4, 1918

Sunday, August 4, 1918

A good day. Ben and Jim spend a good part of the day at the barns. Josie and I got dinner. Irvin Harvey brough me some corn this morning. He went home for dinner.

Alvin Farmer come to Kates to see Irvin. Jim and Nellie and Evelyn went home this evening. Ben carried them.

Alma and Ola and Faber Jefferson and Cordie Blair all come over here this evening. Ben and Josie come by Tim Bennetts and got some peaches. I am very glad of them.

10 oclock

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Monday, October 21, 1918

Monday, October 21, 1918

A good day. Ben went to Chatham with Jim Emerson Lucius Gravley and Chesley Edmons and Faber Jefferson and lots of others had to start to training camp.

John Hutcherson disked Bens wheat land this morning for one dollar per acre.

We that was Paul and Owen and Josie and Henry Brumfield and Luke and Norman Owen all stripped tobacco. To night Ben and Paul has gone to the barn to rebulk some tobacco.

Josie gave me a nice lot of candy a present from Josie and Carrie. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 72 years olde.

I thank them both. Mother.

9 oclock

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Saturday, September 27, 1919

Saturday, September 27, 1919

A good day. Ben worked on his car most of the day. I ironed some & got a snack for dinner. Josie was sick this morning.

Just at night to day Lizzie Bennett and Faber and Ola Jefferson come. They had bin to a picknick at Whittles. They brought enough things already cooked for our supper and even some of the things was for Carrie.

I made my supper of what they brought and did enjoy it. Ben amd Faber went where they some one was hunting but did not stay long. I am so glad to hear that Brother Letcher is improving some. Hope he may get well a gain. I am glad that Lizzie and the children come.

11 oclock

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Sunday, September 28, 1919

Sunday, September 28, 1919

A good day. We had company this morning. Lizzie and Ola & Faber went to Marvins. I went with them. Ben carried us. We went from there to Johnsons. There we eat dinner and then we went to Kate Harveys.

We walked from Marvins to Reynols from there to Harveys. Marvin Smith carried us from there to George Blairs on his car. I walked from there home.

There was preaching at Strait Stone to day. Some of the Odd Fellows went to Lynch Burg this morning and brought 19 girls from the Odd Fellows Home to Strait Stone to preaching. There was dinner on the ground. Enough to feed them and some others.

Henry went to Lee Brumfields and went hazel nut hunting. Mrs. Owen got home from Roanoak to day.

8:45 oclock

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Sunday July  3, 1921

Sunday July 3, 1921

A good day. I am at Faber Jeffersons to night. Ben brought me to the road where I met Tim and Lizzie, Lonny, Alma. We come to Faber Jeffersons. Fond them all well. Have seen Mr & Mrs Oaks. I was glad to see them. I saw Mr George & Will Oaks at Gladys. Mr Bennett & Faber & Mr Oaks has gone to Jim Reynols tonight.

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Monday July  4, 1921

Monday July 4, 1921

A good hot day. I was at Faber Jeffersons in Charloot County. The Bennett boys went to the red house to a base ball. Lizzie and Ola and I did not go. Alma went this evening. We started from the red house a bout 5 oclock. I got home a bout sundown.

Nellie & Jim was here when I got home. Josie had supper done and had milked.

Tonight Ben & family except the baby went to Strait Stone to see a picture show. The baby staid a wake until they got home. I am glad I am at home a gain. Next time I go I want to go fishing.

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Saturday, September 18, 1920

Saturday, September 18, 1920

A good day. Ben went for Rob Hubbard and family and Mrs Car. Faber Jefferson & family and Lizzie Bennett come at dark. They had supper. Josie and I got dinner and ironed some. Reese carried me to White Falls. Henry went with us. We are a bout ready to go to bed. 11 oclock

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Sunday, September 19, 1920

Sunday, September 19, 1920

A good day. We had a lot of company to day. Rob Hubbard and family & Mrs. Car[,] Lizzie Bennett & Fabar Jefferson & family. Lee & Hildna come this evening. Carrie and three children come a little while. Josie and I got dinner. We cooked snaps and potatoes and chicken. Josie had baked a cake. Ben carried Rob & family home this evening. Paul & Earl Bennett come and carried Lizzie & Faber home tonight.

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Sunday, September 26, 1920

Sunday, September 26, 1920

A good day. Ben & Josie staid at home until twelve. Ben went to meet Jim. Josie stopped at Lees. The children went to Gretna. Carrie and the children and I went to Tim Benson [?] Ola & Faber Jefferson was there. Gorden & Frances come there. Tim and all of them was very nice to us. Marvin went to meeting at Strait Stone. 8 oclock

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Sunday, April 23, 1922

Sunday, April 23, 1922

A clear cool day so cold that I am afraid it will frost tonight. We all staid at home all day. Ben and Josie has bin sick all day. They come to the dining room tonight. I do hope that they will soon be better and that none of the rest will get sick. Jim came home ok. He eat dinner at Marvins. I am glad that he did. Wish I could of bin there two. He came with Faber and Paul and Alma part of the way home. I am glad that he did get to come that way. Oh when I get to thinking about all of the children. I want to see them so bad but cant go and they wont come.

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Sunday, October 15, 1922

Sunday, October 15, 1922

A cloudy day & some rain. Ben & Henry went to Strait Stone to meeting & Henry was baptized. Nellie and I got dinner. We had beef steak with onions in it. I went to Mollie Reynols. There was no one at home. Then I went to Renan. All the Reynols was at Clack Hubbards. While I was there Paul Bennett & Faber Jefferson & wife and children & Alma Bennet come by and stopped to patch a time and we all talked a while. I went over to see Kate Harvey a few minutes. Julia Fergerson come a few minutes.

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