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Friday, January 11, 1918

Friday, January 11, 1918

A bad day. It snowed the most of the day and to night it is raining. Ben helped Marvin strip tobacco this evening. I got dinner. Baked cracklin corn bread.

Josie pieced on her quilt. I finished two aprons that I had commenced. I wrote a letter to Ludy Pugh to night.

Henry has bin complaining all day. They are all a bed and sleep I guess.

8 oclock

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Saturday, October 26, 1918

Saturday, October 26, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben hauled some stalks and put them on the wheat land this morning. All the rest of us tied tobacco. This evening Mr Owen went to the mill for flour. We had corn bread for breakfast this morning. I know we should be thankful for that but we have not bin used to it and do not like it.

We tied all the tobacco that was in the pit then I went to Carries and Ben and Paul went squirrel hunting. They killed nine squirrels.

Kate Harvey come a few minutes this evening.

To night Ben has gone with Marvin to Strait Stone.

9 oclock

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Friday, January 23, 1920

Friday, January 23, 1920

A cloudy day. The boys could not do much work. Kate come down here. She wanted to see Jim & Ben on business.

Josie got dinner. She baked some nice corn bread.

I sowed on my quilt. I got breakfast and milked and fed the chickens and churned.

Tonight Jim & Ben has gone to Renan. The children went to school.9 oclock

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Monday, June  7, 1920

Monday, June 7, 1920

A good day. Jim & Mr Owen finished plant tobacco. Ben replanting his. Marvin and his crowd went to Kates and helped Irvin finish planting his crop. I drawed a few plants. Josie got dinner and made Ben a shirt. We cooked turnip salit for dinner and had corn bread. I did enjoy it. I got an invatation to the school at Charlottsvill. Bruce Reynolds sent it. 9 oclock

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Tuesday, September 26, 1922

Tuesday, September 26, 1922

A good day. Jim & Ben worked on their grain land all day. Robbert Hubbard & wife went from here this evening. Carrie & the children come this evening. I was glad to see them. I hope they got home safe. Lizzie and I and the col girl shelled some corn to dry out to send to the mill. We want corn bread. Lizzie and I went to the [?] house to get potatoes and peas for dinner. I went to the barn to get sweet potatoes. Mr Kent carried the children part way to school.

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Saturday, February  3, 1923

Saturday, February 3, 1923

Rain a gain today. Jim hung up the meat today. Ben painted most of the day. I think he done a good job. Nellie cleaned up some. I got dinner except corn bread. I put feathers in some pillow ticks and a bolster. Nellie washed her dress today. Mrs Carr sent Mabel dresses and two shirts by mail today. Nellie bathed her and put some of them on her. Henry went to Mt. Airy and Renan today. There is lots of sickness yet. There was a ??? carried by her today. A Mrs. Waller I do hope that time will get better soon.

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Friday, September 21, 1923

Friday, September 21, 1923

A good day. They finished cutting tobacco.The tobacco that was planted the first of July. Johnson Reynols put some in the barn with them. Cardie and Nettie Hendrix and Louise the[y] come and went back this morning. Nellie and I got dinner. We cooked turnip salit and corn bread. We did enjoy it. Louise and Herbert and Margaret Hutcherson come and played with the children a while. Ben and Henry has gone hunting tonight. Evylin is at the [kitchen?] tonight. Said she was going to wash [?]. I went to Mr. Booker's for snaps this evening.

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