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Sunday, April 28, 1918

Sunday, April 28, 1918

A good day. Cloudy tonight.

Ben went to Gretna today to an odd fellows meeting. Josie and the children except Henry went to see Kate Harvey. I went two. We walked and Ben come after us in the machine. Henry went to Marvins and played with Reese and Paul Smith and Fred and Irvin Hutcherson.

9 oclock

Today was Denias birthday. I would of liked to seen her.

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Tuesday, April  8, 1919

Tuesday, April 8, 1919

A good day. The men folks worked on the branch.

Josie comenced washin this morning. Bettie Rosser come and finished washin and washed some of the floors.

There was a demonstration of machinery at Mr Hutchersons to day. None of us went.

Henry & Edna and I went to Creasys fish pond this evening. Ben carried us. We walked home. We caught some little fish. Mrs Millam and Giles was there most of the time that we were. I was glad to be with her.

9:15 oclock

Got a letter from Effie Brumfield to day.

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Tuesday, October 28, 1919

Tuesday, October 28, 1919

A very warm day for Oct. Ben & Jim and Owen plowed until dinner then Owen went to help Tom Peak shuck corn.

Ben & Jim & Henry went hunting to night.

Josie and I got dinner.

This evening I went to Marvins a few minutes.

The road machine worked in front of the house this morning.

Charles Harvey come this morning.

8:30 oclock

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Tuesday June 28, 1921

Tuesday June 28, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben got up a little hay. The thrashing machin is at Marvins. I hope they can thrash in the morning. Josie thought she would wash to day but it was late and so hot that she did not. Mrs Kent come by this

evening. She had bin to Long Island. Tom Lays land was sold today.

I finished reading a book tha Alma Bennett lone me. Josie has commenced to read it. She is reading now.

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Monday, July  5, 1920

Monday, July 5, 1920

A good day. Jim & Ben plowed in the tobacco this morning. This evening Ben went with the machine. They thrashed wheat at Ren Worshams and Willie Mayhews. Josie and I went to Carries. Kate Harvey was there. Henry wormed tobacco this evening. He is sick tonight. Ben eat supper at Willies Mayhews to night. There was a big time in Altavista today. 9 oclock

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Wednesday, July  7, 1920

Wednesday, July 7, 1920

A good morning and a good rain this evening. Jim plowed some today. Ben was with the machine. Josie washed two Preachers [?] come here a little while today. I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. Edna hurt Maybels finger with the bell. I am so sorry. I got a litter from Effie Brumfield to day. 8:30 oclock

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Friday, July  9, 1920

Friday, July 9, 1920

A good day. Ben has bin with the machine all day. Jim plowed some. Mr Owen and Board Dews plowed in Owens tobacco. Josie ironed nearly all day. I got dinner. Carrie come a while this evening. I went to George Blairs. Found them all well. Rens little girls was there learning to crosha. I stoped at Hutchersons a few minutes.

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Tuesday, September 14, 1920

Tuesday, September 14, 1920

A good day. Jim and Ben commence to cut corn. I went to White Falls. Reese Smith carried me & Henry on the machine. I did not catch many fish. Josie got dinner. Bettie Haley come and ironed for Josie this evening. Carrie Smith come down and got a few aples. Ben & Henry & Reese has gone hunting to night.

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Wednesday, December 22, 1920

Wednesday, December 22, 1920

A cloudy day and rain this evening. The men folks sawed wood here this morning and at Marvins this evening. Irvin Harvey had the team today to haul wood. It rained so much this evening that they could not haul much. Henry went to school. Josie made Franklin some clothes. Mrs Hubbard sent Edna and Josie a dress a peice that she had made for them. I sewed a little on the machine for the first in several months. I hemed a pair of sheets. There was to be a box partie at the school house to night. It was so bad that no one went from here.

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Wednesday, October 25, 1922

Wednesday, October 25, 1922

A good day. Ben hauled some wood this morning & worked on his wheat land this evening. Jim & Nellie stripped tobacco all day. Bettie and I got dinner. We cooked turnip & peas and potatoes. This evening I cut the Morning Glorie vine off of the garden fence and then went to Renan & to see Kate Harvey carrie the money to pay my taxes. Mr Mayhew was at the store on his machine and brough me home. I was glad that I did not have to walk. Ben & Jim is at the barn putting tobacco in the pit.

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Thursday, May  3, 1923

Thursday, May 3, 1923

A good day. Ben planted corn this morning. Jim worked in the garden. This evening Ben and I went to the school house. They had a play over there. The school closed today. I think they had a good school. I have not heard anyone find fault with the principle. Mr. Booker brought Edna Franklin and I home on his machine. Mabel went to school today for her first time. She wanted to come home with her dady on the buggy. There was was a lot of my folks there. I was glad to see all of them. Jim planted beans today and pumpkin seed.

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Friday, May  4, 1923

Friday, May 4, 1923

A beautiful day. They finished planting corn here today and plowed some for tobacco. Henry went to the school house to practice for a play to night. Henry and Edna walked over there tonight. Ben and Franklin went after dark on the machine. I was glad that they went. He will bring them all home. Jim and the baby and I staid at home. I went to sleep and made this mark. The children and I went to Norman Bookers. We had a pleasant visit. There is several places that I would like to go but can't.

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Monday, July  2, 1923

Monday, July 2, 1923

A cloudy day. A very little rain. Jim and Ben planted some tobacco and watered it. Then chopped in the tobacco. The threshing machine is in the neighborhood. Henry and John Ward went to help. They eat dinner at Jessie Hutchersons. Kate Harvey come to see us today. I was very glad to see her. I went and picked a few black berries. Hope to preserve them in the mroning. I don't know why I al ways go to sleep when I try to write. The three children is on a pallet to[?] tonight [sic].

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Saturday, July  7, 1923

Saturday, July 7, 1923

A good day. Jim helped [Will?] Farthing and Norman Booker thrash wheat and then they thrashed here and then then at Mr. Laynes. Ben uncovered his tobacco plants this morning. The children staid at the machine all the evening. Bruce Reynols and his wife come a few minutes. They had bin to George Blains for some butter. They did not get out of the car. I mended Franklin's overalls this evening. Ray Booker played with the children all the evening. Miss Rena Mayhew borrowed the freezer. Said they was lookin for company.

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