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Monday July 18, 1921

Monday July 18, 1921

A good day. Ben & Henry and Franklin went with Marvin to Chatham. They staid all day. Jim come with them home. Josie staid at home & done the work. Charley Harvey spent the evening with Fannie Power at Aunt Josies. He carried her to church to night. I got the breakfast and milked the cows then went fishing. Reese Smith carried me. Hugh Brumfield went two. We did not catch any thing but I will go a gain the first time I can get to go.

Heard tonight that Capt Tate is very sick.

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Tuesday July 19, 1921

Tuesday July 19, 1921

A good day. We need rain very bad. Jim plowed some this morning. Ben went to Richard Woodings and helped top his tobacco & thin corn. Richard is in a hospittle. There was some 7 or 8 men to help.

Josie washed a big washing this morning. This evening Ben & Josie & Fannie & Julia, Edna & Franklin & Mabel all went to the store. Tonight Ben & Josie and Fannie and Julia has all gone to Piny Grove to preaching.

I went to Marvins a few minutes. I lost my glasses this evening. We had I put them in a book and Henry carried them up stairs. Mr John Smith and part of his family come to Marvins this evening.

Capt Tate is dead.

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