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Thursday, October  4, 1923

Thursday, October 4, 1923

A good day. Ben and John Ward plowed. Jim set up corn by him self. Evylin washed. Nellie nursed. I got dinner and churned. The children went to school. Late this evening Ben and I and three childred went to Strait Stone. We had got out of several things and had to have them. Ben and Henry and George Blair and Lawson Emerson has gone hunting tonight. Mrs Carr is here tonight. We are glad to have her as log as she will stay.

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Friday, October 19, 1923

Friday, October 19, 1923

A rainy morning. Began to rain last night a bout ten oclock and rained most of the night. Ben stopped at Lee Brumfields and staid all night. Went to Gretna today and solde the tobacco. It solde very wel] I think. They got home half past nine tonight.

Jim stripped some tobacco then heard that Mr Ned Walker was sick. He went to see him. Found him a little better off but right sick yet. Ben got Henry a suit of clothes. Nellie got word to come to [Rensenes?] where Evylin is staying.

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