Tuesday, February  6, 1923

Tuesday, February 6, 1923

A bad day. Snowed some today. Ben worked on picture frames. Jim made fires until dinner. Then he went to Renan and to Bookers. They think that Kate is better. Hope so. Any way there is more sickness than I ever knowed. Heard today that there was 22 persons on Mr. Less Bookers place sick.

Henry went to school. They had very few pupils. Nellie done most of the cooking. I sewed a little. I milked yesterday and today Edna helped me. She milked one cow. They baby has bin very cross yesterday and today. Nat Wooding did not come by here today.

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Wednesday, February  7, 1923

Wednesday, February 7, 1923

A good day as to weather. Plenty of snow on the groun. The children Henry and Edna went to school. Jim and Ben went to Renan. They walked. John come to see us tonight. I am glad that he came. Heard that Kate is getting on well they think. Jack Harvey is at home to see his mother. Nellie made the baby a dress today and done the cooking. Julia's children are sick and Jack Junior is sick. I do hope that the people will soon be well.

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Thursday, February  8, 1923

Thursday, February 8, 1923

Cloudy most of the day. Jim smoked the meat. John went from here this evening. Ben went to Lee Brumfields. Helped strip tobacco. Oscar Brumfield went to Gretna with tobacco. Ben come by Kates. She was not so well. I hope that she may get well yet. John Brumfield went to see Denia Blair. She is very much complaining. Henry and Edna went to school. Terable walking they say. Nellie has done the most that has been done today. She milked two cows this morning while I milked one. I churned and fixed the butter. Have mended a few things today.

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Friday, February  9, 1923

Friday, February 9, 1923

A cloudy day warmer. Ben washed up his room floor. He was nearly all day about it. Jim kept a good fire in the dining room and in the smoke house. Said he would not smoke the meat any more. Nellie done the most of the cooking. I have not done much of any thing. Ben went to see Denia. She is not well. Have not heard from Kate today. Wish I had heard. John did not go from Blairs until today. Henry and Edna went to school. Henry went to Mr. Bookers to say all night. Mr. Booker has gone to Less Bookers. They are all sick there. I want to hear from all of the sick folks about.

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Saturday, February 10, 1923

Saturday, February 10, 1923

A cloudy day. The men folks put a lot of wood under the porch. I am glad that it is done. Ben and Henry walked to Straight Stone this evening. Got Edna some overshoes. She is so glad of them. Nellie done most of the cooking. I churned and washed a little for Mabel. Nellie let Mabel go with her to her room this evening. She was so glad to go. Endna and Franklin helped to get in wood. I hope that all of the sick are better and will get well. George Blair come for some work that John Ward had done for him.

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