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Tuesday February  1, 1921

Tuesday February 1, 1921

A cloudy day. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. Finished a cureing for Jim. Josie and I got dinner.

This evening Josie made starch and starched the clothes. Denia and Cordie Blair come this evening. I was glad that they come.

Marvin solde his last tobacco at Gretna. He was well pleased with the sale. Nat Wooding got two pounds of butter from here this evening.

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Monday November 14, 1921

Monday November 14, 1921

A rainy morning. Henry went to school. Edna staid at home. Jim & Ben helped Marvin load on his tobacco & he helped Ben load his. They intend going to Gretna in the morning. Josie made Edna some pettie coats & the baby some gowns. I got up at five this morning and got breakfast. Had beef steak. I milked the cow & fed all of the cows. Fed the chickens. Put on to boil some beef and potatoes and peas. Toasted some coffee and churned. Made bread and coffee and finished dinner. This evening I went to Marvins. Kate Harvey come to Marvins and come here a few minutes. Reese was to take her home but he was so late getting home I guess she was gone.

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Saturday, January  3, 1920

Saturday, January 3, 1920

A clear cold day. Ben went to Mr Edmons and killed his horse that got his leg broke. Jim & Owen and Ben cut and hauled some wood. I got the most of the dinner. Killed a chicken. Josie baked a cake this evening. Thelma & Mary has bin with us all day today. I held the little baby the most of the evening. 9 30 oclock

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Monday, January  5, 1920

Monday, January 5, 1920

A clear cold day. Jim & Ben cut wood in the woods. We got dinner today at twelve oclock. Josie went to Carries a little while today. I kept the baby. She was very good. I cut a feww peices for a quilt. Josie washed & ironed a dress for Edna.

Henry & Edna went to school. It was very colde on them.

8 oclock

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Tuesday, January  6, 1920

Tuesday, January 6, 1920

A cold day cloudy tonight. Ben went to Straight Stone this morning to register his car. Jim went to the woods to cut after they got back. They hauled wood. They have a nice pile of wood at the wood pile.

Josie got dinner. I staid with the baby. I went to Marvins this evening. His children has very bad colds and the children here has bad colds, Jim had a letter from Nellie saying that Mr. Walker was sick a heap of late. 9 30 oclock

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