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Monday August 22, 1921

Monday August 22, 1921

A clear dry day. Jim worked on the barn. Ben went to Strait Stone to get the waggon tire cut. He got horse shoes and put them on him self.

Tonight Ben & Josie have gone to Cedar Forest. The children are all here. Franklin & Mabel have gone to sleep. Henry is up stairs reading. Edna has polished my shoes. I am glad that she did.

I washed some today. Josie got dinner and cleaned the yard some.

Marvin & Carrie went to Strait Stone this morning. Carrie got goods to make Paul blouses. I was there this evening. She was sewing on them.

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Friday August 26, 1921

Friday August 26, 1921

A clear day. Jim has worked on his tobacco all day trying to get it to yellow.

Ben went to Jim Powers this morning and brought Fletcher Car and family up here. He has 6 children. We have not bin lonesome today. This evening Nellie and Evylin come. I was glad that they come.

Carley[?] Harvey & Virginia Moses was married this morning at Gretna. Reese Smith carried Kate & Virginia Harvey to Gretna. Marvin and some others met at Richard Woodings and cut some tobacco for him. Ben & Henry helped some.

I am going to sleep in the hall to night.

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Monday August 29, 1921

Monday August 29, 1921

A good day. Cloudy this morning but no rain. Ben & Henry helped Marvin cut tobacco. Jim fired his all day and part of tonight. Josie gathered two baskets of tomatoes this morning and Jim brought them to the house. I helped peel them. Josie put up 24 quarts.

I went to Marvins this evening. Norman Booker sowed him a turnip patch in the garden this evening. I cant get use to the idie that Booker is going to come there. I most shurely hate to think that Marvin & Carrie is going to leave.

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Thursday September  1, 1921

Thursday September 1, 1921

A clear hot day. Ben & Jim and Henry, Edna, Franklin, Reese, Paul, Roy all went to Altavista to a show. I think they all enjoyed it very much. Today is Paul Smiths birth day. He is nine years olde. Josie sewed some this evening.

I went to Marvins a while. Carrie was makeing Roy some blouses. I am going to make the button holes.

I put my glasses in the range this morning and ruined them. I have mised them so much today.

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Friday September  2, 1921

Friday September 2, 1921

A clear hot day. Jim & Ben worked on the tobacco. Ben will work on his all night. Henry and Reese is hunting tonight. The proffessor for Renan School was here toay. I did not see him. Josie ironed most of the day. I got dinner.

This evening Reese carried me to White Falls. I fished. The boys bathed. I caught 31 fish.

Roy Smith carried 4 horn worms to see if the fish would bite them. (They would.)

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